Are Ronnybrook's one-way bottles refundable?

No, these one-way bottles purchased at Kings, Duane Reade, and Walgreens are non-refundable. There is no deposit paid on those bottles and we cannot refill them. They are, however, recyclable. For decades, we have sold our own milk in our famous traditional glass bottles. Some consumers asked if we could develop a bottle that was lighter and recyclable with other glass products. Great idea! Introducing our new glass bottle. One-way, recyclable, lighter and a fine use of our planet’s resources.

Where do I return my glass bottles?

Any place that sells Ronnybrook milk in glass bottles (with the exception of our new one-way bottle) will take your bottles and return the deposit. Please note the recent increase in bottle deposit. The glass bottle will be $2.00. We have had to increase the price due to increased freight and glass costs. We appreciate your understanding.

Are Ronnybrook products gluten-free?

Yes, our yogurts, drinkable yogurts, Vanilla and Lola’s Mint Lace ice cream and milks are gluten-free.

Can I visit the farm?

Sure, please call for an appointment: (518) 398-6455

Is there delivery outside of NYS?

Yes, we have our interstate rating. We deliver to MA, CT and NJ stores and restaurants. We do not deliver on a home delivery basis.

Are your cows grass fed and let out to pasture?

Yes, they are grass fed and out to pasture every day, weather permitting.

Are your drinkable yogurts gluten free?


Are Ronnybrook products kosher?

Yes they are KVH.KOSHER